If you are recovering at home or have someone recovering from an illness,
we are here for you

Home Bedside Nursing!



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Our Medical Services



Caring for a loved one who is hospitalized doesn’t have to become a full-time job.
We are specialists in that area!

Hospital Bedside Nursing

We Offer


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Skilled Doctors & Nurses

We Have


Operating Hours

Monday – Sunday (24/7)

Emergency Case

(+256) 778 514 333

24/7 Hours Service

(+256) 759 792 791

Welcome To ATCOM.
Home & Hospital Bedside Nursing

Our goal is to walk with you through the journey of recovering from an illness within the comfort of your home or a healthy facility.

We provide a wide range of professional home care under your doctor’s orders.

You'll be impressed!

Why Choose Us?

Hire our services for relief and peace of mind!

Professional Nurses

Our trained staff provide care that ensures comfort, enhances quality of life, and preserves dignity for our clients.

Emergency Case

In case of a medical emergency, you can count on us to be at your service for basic and advanced life support services.

Personalized Care.

We offer patient based acre services that are personalized to meet individual needs for each client

24/7 Services

When you need a reliable home OR hospital Bedside Nurse, ATCOM is here for you any time of the day, 365 days a year

Need a Reliable Home OR Hospital Bedside Nurse?

just make an appointment & you're done!

Our Process before working with a client

We have a simple and straight forward process we undertake before working with our client.

We are the trusted experts for Home & Hospital Bedside Nursing

When it comes to trusting someone to take care of your loved ones who are ill or disabled, you want to depend on people with a good reputation. And you can Trust ATCOM 

Experienced 90%
Reliable 95%
Affordable 75%
Our Clients Recommend Us!

We’re Setting New Standards for
Home & Hospital Bedside Nursing

Caring Nurses

Our Nurses are highly trained and undergo continuous training to ensure our clients get the best services at all times

Specialized Doctors

We work with specialized doctors to ensure, our client’s health is placed in the best hands should they need a doctor

Reliable Services

When your health or that of your loved one is compromised, the last thing you need is compromised care. We are very reliable!

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What We Do for our Customers

How we help our Clients

Offer Patient Based Care

This helps our clients maintain a safe and healthy living environment.

Medication management

We ensure the right medications are being taken at the right times

Support with diet and nutrition

We Offer nutritional counseling to protect clients against malnutrition.

Caring & Companionship.

We become your trusted friends for walks, talks, human interactions etc.

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